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    • Skype Shows availabilities for May 2017
    • I had made an announcement about Skype shows available for you guys (long time ago) but my schedule was always a little too busy to actually set something up.  These days, I have a ton more free time and a proper internet connection so it's time to get back on the horse and set up some nice one on one time with some of you guys!  The schedule is decently open so let's figure it out together when you want to do this.  I created a billing page for each types of shows available and it's going to be very easy for you to set up time with me.

    • Wallpaper Dilemma (again)
    • I feel like I'm having the "wallpaper crisis" every so often and even more now that the member area has changed and it's time to refresh all the sections like they were brand new.  I'm asking for you help again on this one, in order to make the proper choices as to where to put my efforts.

      Here's the current sizes (listed below) that I think would be interesting to have on the site with the ones we currently have (click here) highlighted in pink.

      Basically, what I need to know is what devices you would like to have wallpapers for and …

    • Monday rambling because you know you love it...
    • It's Monday and I'm officially back on blogging and blogging for you guys which mean you'll want to check out the site daily to see what's new in the member area but also because I'll do my real best to blabber more often.  This video blog could have been on the site way earlier today but I made a little mistake in my first export, omiting the sound for some reason.  Since I didn't feel like making you play the game " What is she talking about?" I had to reprocessed but then got side tracked talking marketing with a friend.

      I hope you …

    • Pool side vlog...
    • Hey lovelies!

      Finally, I did it!  This vlog has been long over due and although it's not my cutest moment (kind of very au natural with a HUGE bug bite on my chest no covered with makeup lol!) but at least it's giving you a small idea of what's happening at the moment and what I've been doing.

      Sorry for the terrible wait on this one, working on the new member area design has been taking all my brain power and I'm brain dead every day before bed.  Even my tweeting as been reduced to a minimum and soon I'll be back to regular …

    • First day in California!
    • Hey everyone!

      Today's my first full day in California, Max has been sleeping all day (still sleeping as I'm writing this, pore guy for driving all this way).  So here's quick little video blog telling you that I arrived safe and sound in Los Angeles, California with a pretty sleepy face and voice as you may see lol!

      ...sorry about this, filmed it this morning before my coffee and maybe I should have waited before recording LOL!

      I'm talking about what I'm planning of accomplishing today and what this upcoming week will be all about. …

    • Beta launch for the new member area...
    • You probably noticed, the main member area changed look today!

      Reason being, we needed to put this new design online in order to see how it would react with our background system which is also being tweaked on a daily basis.  As you also noticed, there's a few little details that needs our attention and rest assure, the whole team is working on it 100% to make this new design running smoothly with all it's new features.

      At this time, I wont need your input on what still need fixing and what's not because I know pretty much everything that …

    • Delaware...
    • I obviously hoped to published this vlog way before today but time wasn't always on my side, as we traveled around.  Luckily, these past few, unplanned days in Virginia Beach allowed me to catch up on work (mostly video editing) and this is why I'm posting this mash up video blog of my departure from Delaware and my road in Virginia.

      On a fun random note... I finally have a verified twitter profile!!  Woke up with this amazing surprise, this morning and I just feel like posting it in here to brag a little :P lol!

      Soooooo allow me.... …

    • "Sunday Funday"
    • IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  I'm really sorry for the small broken images on the free tour, there's a few bug in the coding of the site but all this should be resolved on Monday.  Click on the images above to access the most recent galleries.


      Another gorgeous day with a bright blue sky and a warm sun peeking through the window of my hotel room.  I dreamed about many things last night like Spunky which I miss every seconds of this travel although I know he's in a good place with people that love him while I wander.

      Max had a fun idea, this …

    • Departure from NewYork
    • Some video blogs are posted a little late since the time to edit, process and encode them takes me longer than basic spoken ones.  This is a nice little edit of what I shot the day we left NewYork, giving you a brief chat at the beginning with a nice, slow view of our drive to get out of the city.

      I wish I had more driving footage but my camera ran out of battery.  Luckily, if you've never saw the beautiful city of New York, you get a beautiful view of some of the main street attractions with all the lights and signs.  It's quit …

    • The story behind the "Raw Blowjob" photos...
    • Although they aren't the most glam blowjob photos I've shot for the site, they have a funny story attached to them which makes them a slight naughtier than the usual...  So this is back in Montreal, a few months ago when we thought, for quick second, that we would stay there for a year of two to wrap up more work.

      For many weeks, we scattered the web to find the perfect apartment for us (there was none) but through our numerous visits, we had found this decent little place right downtown, close to where we were already living at the …

  • Photos: 48, 741
  • Videos: 99
  • Sets: 387

The Complete

KatieFey Collection