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It’s me Ariel!
Hope you will enjoy this mini gallery I have fun making for you!!

Here’s a LOW resolution sample of my professional pictures!! + a FREE tease so you can see me in action!
Hope you like!
See you soon at :
Ariel Rebel.com
My site is manage 100% by me! I’m always taking care of updating it with new stuff almost everyday so you can be sure you wont get bored!!
I got a HUGE collection of High Quality Photos and TON’S OF CANDIDS!!
Now stop wasting your time on the low resolution promotional stuff there is a lot more inside to see and ejoy! I cant to hear what you have to say when you’re looking at my pics & vids!!
You can also have fun browsing the HUGE ammount of videos I have in my regular site but also in my BLOG! I got almost 200 videos in totals!!!! You know what’s that mean... hours and hours of fun! LOL!
    • Pool side vlog...
    • Hey lovelies!

      Finally, I did it!  This vlog has been long over due and although it's not my cutest moment (kind of very au natural with a HUGE bug bite on my chest no covered with makeup lol!) but at least it's giving you a small idea of what's happening at the moment and what I've been doing.

      Sorry for the terrible wait on this one, working on the new member area design has been taking all my brain power and I'm brain dead every day before bed.  Even my tweeting as been reduced to a minimum and soon I'll be back to regular blogging/vlogging once I get through all those thumbs and images that need fixing since we switched the layout of the site.

      Lots of awesome new features has yet to be activated and my team is working on the design every day hence why you see some minor changes here and there.  The main changes are happening in the back end of the site as we are also upgrading my entire CMS (content management system) which is all custom built and still has work to be done on it.

      Either way things are going amazing and I'm very positive for the future.  I don't know if it's the bright blue sky over California that helps but I have a huge smile on my face every day.

      Thank you so much for your comments and patience while we are pimping this new member area design, so glad you guys enjoy the changes up to date.

      Looking forward to be back to daily vlogging, till then... enjoy this one!

      HUGE HUGS <3

    • First day in California!
    • Hey everyone!

      Today's my first full day in California, Max has been sleeping all day (still sleeping as I'm writing this, pore guy for driving all this way).  So here's quick little video blog telling you that I arrived safe and sound in Los Angeles, California with a pretty sleepy face and voice as you may see lol!

      ...sorry about this, filmed it this morning before my coffee and maybe I should have waited before recording LOL!

      I'm talking about what I'm planning of accomplishing today and what this upcoming week will be all about.  Thank you so much for watching and looking forward to be back on geek mode again and be able to look at the incredible palm trees around me.

      huge hugs

      Ariel xxx

    • Beta launch for the new member area...
    • You probably noticed, the main member area changed look today!

      Reason being, we needed to put this new design online in order to see how it would react with our background system which is also being tweaked on a daily basis.  As you also noticed, there's a few little details that needs our attention and rest assure, the whole team is working on it 100% to make this new design running smoothly with all it's new features.

      At this time, I wont need your input on what still need fixing and what's not because I know pretty much everything that doesn't show up properly and what doesn't work just yet.  In about a week or two, I'll start taking all your comments and screen shots as what details we missed depending on all your different devices.  This new member area is fully responsive and should be much more easier to browse on all your devices so stay tuned.

      IMPORTANT TIP:  If you're on desktop, to see the proper sizing of the site, I will suggest you do a quick ninja trick and click on the: " Command " key (on your keyboard) and press three times " - " which will resize the site in front of your eyes and things will look less big.

      This ninja trick will give you the proper desktop sizing of the site which will be fixed once other features has been integrated with our system.  This is temporary, sorry for the troubles and thank you so much for understanding.

      We've also upgraded the resolution of the images of the site. There's less compression on each images and future updates will be much bigger to fill up your screens.

      On a traveling note...

      This morning, I woke up in the state of New Mexico and the sun is high in the sky and the heat is very present which means I've spent most of my geek day blasting the AC in my hotel room because my computer isn't such a fan of heat like me.  We are leaving tomorrow for the warm lands of Arizona and will be in Los Angeles by Friday to then be settled in my new place (for the next 42 days) by Monday.

      Which means a LOT of editing will happen starting Monday and one of the three videos Max and I shot during our stay in Houston will hit the site!! I seriously cannot wait for you guys to see them but don't forget that you also have a naughty video update tomorrow, in the blog section. <3

      Even if I haven't been able to blog in the past week, I've shot quit a lot of vlogs and will soon be able to mash that up in to one fun traveling vid for you guys that should hit the site next week and then keep going on the almost daily vlogs as it will be easier to be a geek every day.

      Sending you all a ton of kisses and talk soon!


      PS: Today, Max and I had our IHOP baptism and if you're curious to see what we thought of our experience, check out my Instagram story on ZestyAndSpicy's Instagram page! (you have to look at the profile page on mobile to see the story by clicking on my avatar, on my profile)

    • Delaware...
    • I obviously hoped to published this vlog way before today but time wasn't always on my side, as we traveled around.  Luckily, these past few, unplanned days in Virginia Beach allowed me to catch up on work (mostly video editing) and this is why I'm posting this mash up video blog of my departure from Delaware and my road in Virginia.

      On a fun random note... I finally have a verified twitter profile!!  Woke up with this amazing surprise, this morning and I just feel like posting it in here to brag a little :P lol!

      Soooooo allow me.... hihi

      Anyhow, there's a funny anecdote about my last trip to California (two years ago) that I think you guys will find hilarious.  Hope I'm not going to offend anybody by stating that USA food is a fattier because it wasn't meant in a bad way, it's just a general observation.  It also state that the food is so delicious, I couldn't stop eating and then I got fat LOL!

      Looking forward to read your comments, on Thursday I'm going to have another naughty self shot and self edited (starting to really enjoy Adobe PremierePro) for you guys and I'm slowly getting there in to filling up the site till we get to this awesome new schedule I want.

      Sending you big love and talk soon!


    • "Sunday Funday"
    • IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  I'm really sorry for the small broken images on the free tour, there's a few bug in the coding of the site but all this should be resolved on Monday.  Click on the images above to access the most recent galleries.


      Another gorgeous day with a bright blue sky and a warm sun peeking through the window of my hotel room.  I dreamed about many things last night like Spunky which I miss every seconds of this travel although I know he's in a good place with people that love him while I wander.

      Max had a fun idea, this morning, it was to order room service instead of making our own food like we usually do.  The last few days have been quit productive and he thought we deserved to spoil ourselves a little with something a little bit more extravagant than a smoothie so that's what we did and here's what we ordered:

      Since today is Sunday, not like it actually makes a difference, because I'm preparing more content for the site! ...Encoding two new videos as we speak and posted two new candid photo galleries for you enjoyment.  One is a collection of cute selfies I shot before leaving Delaware and the other one is part of my Instagram story of the past few days with all the juicy naked photos I wasn't able to post on my Instagram account.

      I hope you guys had amazing day and will have a great night. I'll be back tomorrow for more blogging and more hopefully a brand new vlog!

      Sending you all a ton of hugs and kisses


    • Departure from NewYork
    • Some video blogs are posted a little late since the time to edit, process and encode them takes me longer than basic spoken ones.  This is a nice little edit of what I shot the day we left NewYork, giving you a brief chat at the beginning with a nice, slow view of our drive to get out of the city.

      I wish I had more driving footage but my camera ran out of battery.  Luckily, if you've never saw the beautiful city of New York, you get a beautiful view of some of the main street attractions with all the lights and signs.  It's quit majestuous in real life and I hope this video give it justice.  So hope you enjoy this little mash up because there will be more!

      I've also added the cute selfies I had taken to go with my last New York vlog from the other day, click here to access all the images.

      ...I'm pretty much editing all day today, hoping to be back on track by the time I leave the hotel either tomorrow morning or the next day.

      Huge hugs.

    • The story behind the "Raw Blowjob" photos...
    • Although they aren't the most glam blowjob photos I've shot for the site, they have a funny story attached to them which makes them a slight naughtier than the usual...  So this is back in Montreal, a few months ago when we thought, for quick second, that we would stay there for a year of two to wrap up more work.

      For many weeks, we scattered the web to find the perfect apartment for us (there was none) but through our numerous visits, we had found this decent little place right downtown, close to where we were already living at the time.  Not the best area for my taste (I'm a Plateau Mont-Royal snob) but good enough and cozy enough for our taste of the moment.  At least, that's what we thought...

      The first time we visited the place, I noticed the loft needed some serious cleaning but the current tenants were still living there and the agent clearly stated that professional cleaning would have been done on the place before we move in.  There was no way I was going to scrub that place while moving all my stuff in, it was quit dirty.

      So we go back home from this visit thinking we found our next apartment for the upcoming months.  The day after we go and sign the rental agreement and give all the checks.  The day the agent gave us the keys, the night right before we had scheduled our friends to come help us move, we go check out what the place look like (I was very curious to see how clean it was).

      Good thing we went to check before moving in because the place was filthy!  The agent was unreachable and when we were able to reach him, he debated with us that the place had been professionally cleaned (which was a dirty lie) and sent him photo proof to get our checks back and break the rental agreement.

      Not only that the one clause I added in the contract hadn't been respected, the way the agent spoke to us on the phone was really unprofessional and since we would have been stuck reporting to him every time we had an issue with the place, it wasn't worth it and I didn't feel it.

      Funny enough, I had started to shoot a vlog to show you guys the place right before opening the door and something didn't feel right, I just wasn't able to put my finger on it.  I guess everything worked out for the best since we are on the road now, under the blue sky of Virginia Beach while it's still snowing in Montreal...

      Now to come back on those photos... when we realized that this place wasn't going to be ours, we took the liberty to "dirty" the place a little bit more by fooling around in the kitchen and this is where those photos comes from.  It's kind of like we had sex and I gave Max a blowjob in a stranger's kitchen which is hot don't you think?


    • Hotel Sex...
    • After all this traveling, Max and I decided to enjoy a few days in Virginia Beach to catch up on work and relax our legs from all the driving.  The weather isn't the nicest in the city but it's the least of our concerns since we're mostly staying inside, looking at the scenery from the window inside our room while I catch up on work and Max browse around to find us a monthly rental somewhere warm.

      Shooting has been reduced to a minimum and I'll admit that I feel a little terrible that the face fucking video hasn't been shot or posted so it's partially why I posted this very naughty and personal video of Max and I having sex.  Something I thought, this morning, was super hot and deserved to be online for you guys to see.  It's been shot with my phone (last night) as my other small, portable camera ran out of battery but the lower quality wont be affecting the level of excitement given... trust me on this one.

      A very personal, never before seen on this site as a small gift for you sweet VIPs that I love so much.  It could be considered a jewel directly taken from my private collection since we shot this for our own enjoyment without the goal of posting it online but, this morning, I felt naughty and decided to tease you guys to the maximum and release this moment of my private sex life.

      Will I shoot more videos like this one and release them?  Maybe...  Maybe not.

      Life pretty much every time I'm being asked the same old questions, I'll answer you the same thing over and over again... which is: I don't know.

      These moments are shared purely spontaneously and are depending on my mood of the moment. I don't feel like transforming my website in to a hardcore one and have you guys expect such content type more often.  I like my glam, I like my self shot content and I love teasing you but... from time to time, I like to give you a little bit more of me as you also give more of you.

      all these love comments on the vlogs and this new participation is making me eager to post more to read what you'll say and I guess it's also another reason why I felt like sharing this moment with you.

      Now I'll stop chatting and let you watch the video lol!

      Hope you enjoy this VERY naughty video without any foreplay and straight in the action!

      Much love <3

    • Last vlog in NewYork
    • Hey lovers *^_^*

      This is my last video blog in the beautiful city of NewYork, I wished my trip would have been more touristic but I had a blast hanging out with Max's friends.  We will be back for sure and visit all the places I wanted to see for you guys (with proper walking ready legs) but it's time to hit the road again to a warmer location. #FuckYeah

      Hope you enjoy this little vid, looking forward to settled down again in to a new place (no idea where that'll be) and edit all the content waiting to be edited to get on to that wicked update schedule.

      Sending you all huge hugs, talk soon!


    • Second Vlog in NYC
    • Helloooo lovely people!

      I'm still in NewYork and today's vlog is about what happened to my feet (you'll know that I've hurt myself on my walk in Centra Park) and also to let you know what's the game plan for the next days, till our departure on Wednesday morning to pretty much everywhere and nowhere.

      Hope you enjoy this little moment of life, hope you enjoyed the latest pictorial.  There's more on the way but we havent had a minute to edit and will start another batch of editing and get you guys loaded with new professional naughtiness.  Obviously, the updates in the candid section are still going strong so don't forget to look at the latest pictorial that was added about my shooting for a site called Daybreak.  This pictorial was shot in my last trip to France and you can watch the interview by clicking here, although some informations are now dated and irrelevant.

  • Photos: 48, 741
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The Complete

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