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It’s me Ariel!
Hope you will enjoy this mini gallery I have fun making for you!!

Here’s a LOW resolution sample of my professional pictures!! + a FREE tease so you can see me in action!
Hope you like!
You can also have fun browsing the HUGE ammount of videos I have in my regular site but also in my BLOG! I got almost 200 videos in totals!!!! You know what’s that mean... hours and hours of fun! LOL!
My site is manage 100% by me! I’m always taking care of updating it with new stuff almost everyday so you can be sure you wont get bored!!
I got a HUGE collection of High Quality Photos and TON’S OF CANDIDS!!
Now stop wasting your time on the low resolution promotional stuff... there is a lot more inside to see and enjoy! I cant to hear what you have to say when you’re looking at my pics & vids!!
See you soon on my site?! xxx

    • Night Feelings…
    • Once again, he touched me in his sleep.  I don’t think he knows he does that.

      Sometimes, I wonder if he would do the same having somebody else sleeping on his side and, more often than not, I’ll touch myself thinking about this, playing with mixed feelings of envy, jealousy and arousal.  I don’t know if we could consider this “messed up” or simply “kinky” but, it gets me going, at times.

      When he touches me, at night, I like to keep my eyes close and try to connect my mind to his, in hope to telepathically control his fingers.  Surprisingly enough, his dexterity isn’t compromised by the lack of consciousness and, sometimes, I also like to whisper dirty things in his ears to see what he will do next.


    • Dear Photoshop…
    • Dear Photoshop,

      Allow me to confess something that has been on my mind for quit a while.  Something I should have said to you years ago, when our relationship first began but, nowhere was I able to realized what was really happening…



    • Saturday Promo
    • So today I’ve been working on promotion, mostly.

      #Cold #Montreal #Selfie

      A photo posted by ArielRebel (@arielrebel) on

      I like to allow a few days like this, often on the week end, for this type of fun work because I honestly find it relaxing.  What a great day it’s been (and it’s not over yet)… I got many new sex girls who wants to contribute to making RebelMayhem even cooler and I made new friends!

      Although, I seriously need to take a little time off so I’m hoping tomorrow and Monday to be considered my week end.  Maybe a bath with a ton of bubbles, a glass of wine and some good music would be right up my alley tonight but I just got a fun invite to grab a drink with a friend so, looks like I’ll be coming back home tipsy tonight.

      Did you guys had something interesting planned this weekend? Still looking forward to read your comments on that FRONT mag article 🙂

      Big hugs,

      Talk soon!

    • First article on the FRONT magazine website *^_^*
    • It went live today, there’s probably a few grammar & spelling mistakes but, you guys wont mind right? lol!

      I’m kind of super self-conscious about my writing (it’s dumb, I’m aware) but, it would be incredible to have your input on how to improve my mistakes and/or my article.  Try to look over my French mistakes and keep an open mind to the concept, you might enjoy the read.

      Today’s article is a list of the basic gear you should have in your bachelor’s kitchen, everything was self shot too *^_^*  Now guess what?  All the photos you see there + all the other one that didn’t make the cut (but we’re still nice) are gonna be added the site in the upcoming weeks/months… same for all future articles.

      Click here to read the post on FRONT mag, looking forward to read all your comments and suggestions.



      Ariel xoxoxoxo

    • The Purge and the Updates…
    • I’m gonna be a little sad when we’ll be selling my Sony Camera but I’m trying to tell myself that these are just “things” and I shouldn’t be attached to any of them.  It’s been fun to learn photography and use my funky lenses for the I Took A Stroll pictorials but sadly, Max and I are in a purging mood and bulky Canon & Sony have to go.  Instead, we bought the new Fuji X-T2 and for the fraction of the price, we end up with an entire system that gives us almost similar result as we did before in content quality and, that also fits in our tiny suitcases. #FuckYeah

      Ever since we have put our lives in a storage, every minutes of our time have been spent on learning more about ourselves and how to live on the go without ruining our minds, business, relationship and patience.  It’s been a hard learning curves but, it’s with more assurances today that we can peacefully purge and live out of our tiny suitcases without ripping our eyes out.  Nobody said it was going to be easy, anyways.

      When it comes to getting rid of equipment, it’s always a little heartbreaking.  So many adventures, memories of photoshoots, sunny days and late nights are attached to these cameras and our first thought is to keep them all in remembrance of these moments but, it doesn’t change the fact that they are just unanimated objects that aren’t worth so much fuss about.

      Purge baby, purge…


    • Happy New Year!!!
    • MontrealNewYear

      May 2017 be filled with an overdose of happiness, success, health, fun, adventure, evolution, inner peace, travel and everything else your heart desire *^_^*  I hope you had fun partying and seeing your friends and family and, I hope you are ready for a very naughty upcoming year…

      Today’s a half lazy day filled with baking cookies, writing blogs and shooting photos.

      Enjoy this first day of 2017 by doing at least one thing for yourself.  Either it’s reading a book for an hour or play some video games while eating junk food.  Take care of yourself and wake up tomorrow with a big smile on your face and a hopeful mind.  2017, we’re ready for you!

      Big hugs,

      Talk soon *^_^*


    • The last few days…
    • It felt incredible to unplug from technology for a few days, for the holidays.  Did you guys had a fun time with your friends and family?  Anything exciting planned out for NewYear?


      Beside seeing a little bit of family, most of my time has been shared between computer gaming, baking and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace.  Days like these don’t make me want to come back to my 8 hours in front of the computer but, once I start typing a blog, the workaholic inside me wakes up and the work flow starts again.  Glad to be back!

       On Christmas day, Max and I went on a nice movie date to see LaLaLand which is by far the best movie I’ve seen this year.  If you’re a fan of musicals and impossible love stories, this movie is for you.

      La La Land - Reviews


    • The little things…
    • For my second blog entry written with Apple dictation, I wanted to talk about the little things we take for granted.  As retarded as it might sound, I’ve been reevaluating every single little action I do on a daily basis that are now taking me twice as much time and are becoming three times more painful. lol!

      If you want to feel what it feels like to be me right now, next time you’re in shower, try to shave your intimate parts with your lazy hand and tell me how that that goes. lol

      Let’s just say that I had fun laughing at myself, today, while trying to shave in acrobatic ways, realizing that I’m often to careless with my movements.  Once I recover from this, I promise my body to be more careful and to not fall into the trap of my wonder woman syndrome.


    • Tuesday Thoughts…
    • Hey guys!


      After exhausting my left hand, I decided to try Apple dictation to blog and now I feel like I have to talk like a computer for my computer to understand me. It’s not like I don’t know I have an accent but, dammit Apple!  …try to understand my Frenchie accent a little better. lol

      I hope your Tuesday was as productive as mine… beside answering an unhealthy amount of emails, I got around to also answer an interview for FRONT magazine and also squeeze myself into the deep crevices of their online mag where I’ll soon be writing a column for.  I am not exactly sure what I’ll be writing about but, it’s going to be along the lines of food and sex. I’m clearly open for suggestions and I’m excited to start.

      If you sent me an email on my panty selling page, all your messages were answered today. I really like to know that all these naughty perverts will own such intimate piece of my closet.  Even though the selection might look a little thin, at the moment, there is quite a lot more to come.

      Still on a naughty note, I’ve been having a blast with all my Dreamlover’s, talking about life, sex and everything in between.  It’s been really fun to get to know some of you guys a little better and now I wish I had even more people to talk to. It’s crazy all the things you can learn talking to people from all around the world. Click here to access my Dreamlover profile and I’m looking for hopefully have the chance the chat with you.


  • Photos: 48, 741
  • Videos: 99
  • Sets: 387

The Complete

KatieFey Collection