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Hi Everyone!,
My name is Ariel and this is a LOW RESOLUTION sample of the pictures you can find on my official website www.ArielRebel.com. Iím a regular canadian girl whoís trying to have fun in her life! Want to follow it, meet my sexy friend and watch me do tonís of naughty stuff??? Well this gallery is a good start...

READ MY BLOG, follow my life, my goals and my adventures! I write in my blog almost everyday and whatís going on it my world... So stop wasting your time on the promotional material and take the ride with the Rebel!! Iím waiting for you!!!

I got SO MANY PICTURES on my website you have no idea! Professionals, Candids name it I have it! I like to explore diferent kind of fetishes and itís a always a real pleasure to take request from my members...

Is there any sexy actions you would want to see me doing????

Here's a FREE VIDEO I absolutly wanted to show you! Hope you like it as much as I had fun doing it! Please tell me what on your mind when you are watching me doing all those sexy things for you... I just LOVE it!
    • What am I up to?
    • Hey lovers *^_^*

      ...long time right?  Feels like I haven't spoke to you guys in a while (oh wait, it actually been a while since my last blog lol!), and I felt like pouring a little bit of heart and soul to you today.  So I'm sure you're wondering... what I've been up to lately?  As usual, a TON of stuff and here's the small breakdown of my brain madness... lol!


      Regarding the member area... The coding team is still working hard at tweaking the old code of the site (it's pure madness to try to salvage the old code while updating it and while making sure nothing breaks down in the process) to make all these new features available shortly.  Hopefully we'll start seeing some results very soon and it's pretty exciting.  I've also been going through many little bugs inside the current layout and wrote lists, after lists of all the little things that need fixing while making sure to take in consideration all your ideas.

      Yesterday, I officially went through every single comments that were left on the content and let me tell you how happy it made me to read all your love and positivity.  You guys are seriously the best and I'm so grateful to have you all in my life. <3

      You fricken rock.

      I've also been editing a LOT of content (mine and other ladies - my wrist pain could tell you about this), designed a new site which you guys will have access with your membership and overall tried to get my brain back in order (some days are harder than others) as I'm realizing more and more that I'm still depressed and messed up from my tragic and messy friendship lost.

      Talking about my feelings online is often hard for me because there's a big sense of shame that follows every tweets or blog posts.  I admire the performers who are able to put themselves out there without a worry in the world... pouring your heart out without caring so much must feel good.

      Now, it's not because your guys aren't responsive or supportive of my struggles but I feel like it's making me look weird, weak or just plain crazy when I do.  Most of you will probably write how crazy I am to even think that I look crazy but eh... everybody has their own thing lol!

      So this morning I woke up a little blue but after an amazing bowl of steal cut oats (yum), a bunch of sweet twitter mentions and three episodes of Supernatural, I'm feeling much better and ready to start the day. I've been looking of some of the bugs inside the member area that have been apparently fixed and will continue to do so after this post.  RebelMayhem.com is also getting a decent amount of updates again and I'm really trying to get back on blogging here and over there.

      Max is working full speed on some content we shot together and we have plan to shoot more next week, just before leaving California for good (sadly), and drive all the way back to Montreal.  Vlogging was part of my plans for this months but I apparently didn't make it.  Hoping to be able to do it a lot more while on the road since it seem to be the recurring theme.

      Then it's back to Montreal for us, searching for a place to stay and go get my adorable pup who's been so well taken care of by a good friend.  Living in my suitcases full time has been fun but I'm looking forward being stable for a little while and maybe have a walking closet again (I know, such a dumb girly thing to say).  We had in mind to move to Mexico, in a few months, but I'm not sure we'll be doing it as I abandoned the idea of creating the big software I was hoping to launch in 2018 to make sure I don't spread my time too much.

      Maybe taking a REAL vacation where I don't bring my computer would be great and possible at some point lol!  One thing I've learned in the past years is that being a nomad is NOT a vacation.  To be fully honest, I thought it was going to be easy to do a lot of activities and see sceneries but when you're traveling with a business, like we do, it's very hard.  Hence why there's vacation days and work days but this experience was very enlightening and I don't regret anything.

      Clearly, I wont be staying in Montreal forever (I'll get bored) so my nomadic life isn't fully behind me yet.  What's nice tho is that I have a lot of photos under the palm trees to edit for the site and have been enjoying a lot of sunshine over the last few months.  Something that's so rare in Montreal... I know I'll look back on my days in California with a nostalgic mind and a big heart.

      So content editing, website designing and member area debugging have been most of my days and weeks and I'm happy to see one last California friend before I'm leaving.  Anna DeVille is coming to stay at my place on the 23 and I'm really looking forward to meet her!  The goal is to hang out, shoot for "I took a stroll with" and see what else we can do together. ;)

      Anyways... this blog is starting to be incredibly long and maybe I should stop for today.  I hope you guys enjoyed this brain dump, I'll make sure to have a little more "organized" articles for the future lol!

      hugs & a lot of love

      Ariel xoxoxoxo....

    • About the bonus content section...
    • So today I've been doing a lot of stuff.  From meeting with the coding team to trying to find what's wrong with our car (the AC keep shutting down when it's too hot outside - so convenient at 48C right XD), to Skype shows and re-processing the galleries in the bonus content section of the site.  The day isn't done yet but I'm already pretty tired but I'm feeling very accomplished.

      I got a lot of great news concerning the new features and by next week some brand new things should start being visible (finally).  Obviously, I'm asking for a lot from my coding team and, like I've mentioned in my previous blogs, some of these features are brand new to our CMS system (which is also being tweaked every day but only me see the changes) hence why it's taking a long time.  I wanted to thank you all for your patience and positivity during those changes, it's going to be very worth it.

      One of best news I had today is about notifications!  A few of you have asked me if I was seeing the comments you are leaving on the content across the site and sadly, until now, it was impossible for me to know who left what comment and when they did it.  GOOD NEWS, I now get an email EVERY TIME YOU GUYS WRITE A COMMENT ON EVERY SECTIONS OF THE SITE!!

      So I can finally read all your comments and answer them in a super short period of time and keep track of who writes what and where.  This might sound like a simple feature to code but since our system was never made to do this, it's a nice improvement and I'm looking forward to see my inbox being flooded with all these new notifications.

      Still on a coding note, this Friday, I'll be looking at new prospects to hire!  If you follow me on twitter, you know I've been searching for a new coder to work full time on this new system/member area I'm building because my current coding team are often busy with either other work or bigger security issues.

      So, hopefully by next month I'll have my own dedicated coder FULL TIME which should make all these changes happen way faster.  If you would like to help out, cross your fingers for me so I find someone decent and at a decent rate.  Btw thank you so much for all of you who've sent tribute and bought Skype shows because this extra money is going toward this new person.

      With that said...

      Yesterday, I did exactly what I said I would in my last post and it turned out exactly how I expected it LOL! ...I was SO TIRED after being fucked like a good little fuck toy that I feel asleep, almost right after, and slept like a baby.  This morning, I felt so refreshed but I was still super horny so I had fun sexting my crushes and sending them naughty photos.

      It's crazy how many times I think about sex in a day and gladly I had two super fun Skype shows that kept me on my toes and gave me 4 incredible orgasms!!  I love days like this.

      Now, as you can imagine, I'm pretty spent but, I'll still planning on processing and scheduling more content (maybe) ...unless Max feels like giving me a little bit of himself again ;) hehe

      Hope you guys have an incredible night... looking forward to read your comments on the content across the site.


      Ariel xoxoxox...

    • Sex drive...
    • Have you ever been so horny that you can barely handle being in your own skin?  It happens to me quit often and right now, as I'm writing these few lines, I'm thinking about jumping on Max and choke myself on his amazing cock till I can barely breath and start feeling my own juices dripping down my tights.

      The thoughts and heat are rushing through my head and my veins, making it hard to concentrate that I feel like I'm going to burst and explode in a ton of pink and glittery confetti.  Sadly, he's busy at the moment and I know he would push me away but I wouldn't take no for an answer.  I would grab his cock through his pants and stroke it till it's hard enough for my taste and put myself on my knees and push it deep down my throat.

      He would beg me to stop, unable to concentrate on his task and I wouldn't care.  I wouldn't hear anything and grab on, as hard as I can till I force him to cum inside my mouth.  Then he would get a 3 minutes break and I would grab him again, stroke his cock and remove my dress while using my other hand to hold on to his butt cheek and bite his neck.

      He would love it, I'm sure, even if a part of him would be annoyed of my roughness.  But rough is what I want, right now, it's what I crave.  I feel like being used and I would demand it or take it from him till his mind switch and he gets so annoyed of me that he turn around and fuck me silly, making sure I'm dead tired and stop bugging him.

      So horny just to write this... guess what?

      I'm doing it.

    • Crazy heat & dirty thoughts...
    • It's been nice to enjoy the heat in Palm Springs, these past few weeks.  This week, the weather app on my phone is telling me that we'll experience a crazy 49C which is something I've never lived before.  Coming from the land of -40C in the winter, this other extreme is something I'm very much looking for even if all the locals are telling me the opposite.  Truth to be told, I doubt I'll be hanging out outside when we'll hit the maximum temperature but, I'll definitely open the front door a few times to just see what it feels like.  Right now, it's 47C and the AC in the loft, is blasting all day and for the first time in my life, I find 26C decently cold.

      A part of me is curious to try to cook an egg on the sidewalk, when we'll reach these almost blood boiling temperature (which I'm pretty sure would work) but, the ecologically inclined foodie inside of me would feel terrible to waste a full egg for much experiment.  Maybe I'll satisfy my mind with checking out other people doing it on youtube... for the sake of science.

      I've also been amusing myself watching videos of people baking cookies on the dashboard of their car and I have no problem believing that it would work as well where I am.  Two days ago, we ran a few errands in the middle of the day and the engine of the car got so hot that the compressor that takes care of the AC in the car shut down.  It was insane to drive back home for half and hour without an AC in the car but it made a funny situation worth blogging about.

      So beside the crazy heat, the nice tan I'm starting to have and the fun morning tanning sessions, life have been pretty laid back.  Since we arrived in Palm Springs, we're finally starting to feel on vacation and the summer is boiling up a lot of naughty situations in our heads.  On our days off, we fuck for a good part of the day and then just cuddle on the couch to watch tv.  It's peaceful.  When we get too hot, we jump in the pool and then just let the sun bake our skin.

      Some candids photos and videos were shot, during those times, and some should make their way in to the website at some point while the others are for my personal collection.

      I've been waking up a lot at night, drenched in sweat after many naughty dreams.  I sometimes chat with my naughty friends from Europe and dream about the next time we'll see each other.  Some plans include Max and others don't.  It's a fun dynamic that we've been experimenting with, these past few months and I'm starting to be addicted to the feeling of constantly being on my toes with the possibility of finding my next crush.  Flirting is definitely part of my DNA and over the years, often I realized that I need to entertain more than one brain in order to feel whole and satisfied.

      My next naughty goal is to find a submissive girl Max and I can dominate together.  I'm also dreaming about dominating Max, at the same time, and orchestrate my own little porno using his cock as a toy and the other girl's body for my own viewing pleasure.

      If you've been chatting on Skype with me, you know I love to watch and the idea of screaming "Fuck her harder" across the room brings me a lot of excitement.  Who knows, maybe one of my naughty friend from California will be the chosen one or maybe one from Montreal...  I'm still searching.

      On a more technical side, the Rebel coding team is working hard at bringing the new features to life but didn't realize the complexity of the task.  Truth to be told, I didn't realized how bad our current system is and modifying it takes a lot longer than expected.  Because of this, I'm really sorry if my previous articles felt like false hopes as I really thought some features would appear on the site faster.  Please know that everybody is doing their best.

      On a more positive note, the changes in the bonus content section are almost done and soon, I'll be able to upload new content from the RebelGirls which I've been wanting to do for weeks.  It's like adding a bunch of mini websites inside my own website and the amount of content ready to be scheduled is enough to fill up years of updates and hours of naughty times for you.  You should be excited.

      Obviously, my own updates are NOT stopping any time soon and you guys should have one or two new videos to watch, this week, on top of the regular photo updates.  Not everything is scheduled in advance but remember that you can always look at the calendar to see what I have scheduled.

      It's now 5:50pm in California and my stomach is starting to growl a little.  Currently making some crispy cheesy polenta stuffed poblano peppers and I think, right after finishing writing these last few words, I'll get on to frying these beauties and probably post a few pics on my foodie Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so make sure (if you like food) to follow me on there too.

      Sending you all a TON of hugs and kisses, I'll be talking to you again shortly and answer your previous comments after I'm done eating.


    • Feet & Cum video!
    • Since I've been on a major photo editing spree, Max has picked up on video editing to help me gain a little bit of advance in the video section ( yay) even tho I battled the thought that I had, thinking I could manage to do everything myself (classic me), I'm happy he stepped in.

      Sorry for missing Thursday's video update, instead it's happening today with the fun footjob footage from our last Skype show together!  My sweet fan and loyal VIP, Peter, was the lucky dog who saw the actual show without any interruptions and today, you can too enjoy the video from this fun foot fetish memories.


    • Dreamy feet...
    • I really enjoyed today's candid pictorial update but I guess I would say this to all updates on the site since I decided to post them lol.  These images were shot in my friend's baseman (Shhhhhh... don't tell them because, I've shot a LOT of naughtiness in their baseman).  Since the decor wasn't super extravagant I decided to give these images a little dreamy look hence the title: Dreamy feet.

      Hope you enjoy the tease, my lucky foot fetish lovers.

      Acting like the camera was your face, I enjoyed thinking I was putting on a show for you and putting my clean, soft soles in your face.  Thinking you would maybe give me a foot rub or place my bubbly toes in your mouth.  Obviously, only showing you my feet wasn't enough and I needed to display a little bit more skin because my boobs were nicely plumped and my ass ready and wanting to be spanked.

      Mmmmm... thinking about putting my feet in your warm mouth sounds amazing.  What would you do to my feet if they were in front of you?

      Click here to see the gallery

    • Late Monday night...
    • Hey everyone :)

      I got some great news and some bad news so I'm going to start with the bad one.  My internet is official CRAZY shitty and the idea of filming my video blog on the same day that I have to edit, transcode and upload it is impossible and I'll have to either plan them a few days in advance or reduce the amount I'm going to be filming.  Most probably, I'll just do them in advance but this is why today wasn't my first video blog day... just in case you're wondering.

      Ok now the GOOD ...no wait.... GREAT news!  The Rebel coding team told me, earlier today, that the message center is going to be the first feature they will be working on and releasing.  Which mean, in not very long, we'll be able to send and receive private message inside the site!!

      Now wait before jumping in the air because I'm not done... I'm also going to be adding a LIVE TEXT CHAT option to the site so I can talk to you guys (when you're online and I am to) every day!  The reason I'm starting with a text chat only option is because it's easier for me to manage answering text messages instead of being on an actual webcam.  That way, I'll be able to keep doing my usual geeky work AND talk to you on the side.  So think about the type of chats you have with your buddies on Facebook, it's going to be very similar.

      The second feature will be the user profiles!  I've been wanting to transform my website in to a more social place for years now and I think this new public profile design will be able to create this.  Not only that we'll be able to add each other as friends, I'll be able to spy on you (ohhhh yeah ;)) by looking at your profile biography AND all your saved photo sets, videos, blogs will also appear on there.

      Obviously, with a new user profile comes a new account setting page where you'll be able to customize almost everything that is being shown (or not) on your public profile AND you'll also be able to manage your notifications.  Now bare with me, all these things take time to implement but please know the team is working super hard and as fast as they can to make this new transition very smooth and painless for you.  Remember that if you have any questions or concerns, I'll always be there to answer you to the best of my knowledge.

      With that said... today was my first day back on geek mode and I worked on filling up more upcoming updates!  I'm actually starting to fill up SEPTEMBER for the candid pictorial section... isn't that amazing??!!

      Soon, I'll be enough in advance in my candid sets to plan a full week of only blog video shoots to then take a crazy advance in the video updates as well.

      On the professional part of the site, things are moving a little slower (this type of content takes a LOT more time to edit and process) but Max's computer has already a bunch of new awesome photo sets waiting to be colour changed and also a few naughty videos I cannot wait for you guys to see.

      Btw... I'm still waiting on reading your naughty comments on the new style of vids popping out these days with LESS MUSIC (I know you've been begging for that) and FULL MOAN SOUNDS!  We're both pretty excited to read your opinions on what's been published and with every naughty comments received, our excitement to shoot more and more only grow stronger so please, don't hold back.  Or at least, when the private message center will be live, I'm hoping to have a flooded inbox full of naughty messages from you... I know, I'm so demanding right? :P

      Another good news... more extra content will make it's way to the site from the #RebelGirls as you guys deserve to see all the gorgeous content I've invested in over the last seven years.  Slowly but surely, there will be years of photos and videos to see from each and every girls I had the chance (or bad luck) to manage.  For a quick second, I felt like exorcising myself from all these crazy years (one day I'll write about all this but not now) and sell it all but, a part of me think you guys should get the chance to see everything I've invested my time and money over the years even tho these projects failed for many unfortunate reasons.  Once again, one day I'll write about it once my head and my heart as healed from all this but right now, it's not the case and I would prefer to concentrate on all the positive that will come from this.

       Now... I realize that this blog is published super late and most of you will read this on Tuesday so I'll stop here for now because I loose you in too much blabber :)  I hope you'll have an incredible day, looking forward to read your comments on the new features coming up and to talk to you again either here or on social media.

      Big love, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and please know that I'm forever grateful that you subscribed to my site.  The site can only evolve the way it does when awesome people like you support my modelling by subscribing to this site or contributing by buying Skype shows or send tributes.  This is your site as much as mine and I really hope you'll enjoy everything I've worked super hard at creating for your enjoyment.



    • "Sunday Funday"
    • I took it easy today even if a part of me said I should be working on some design work, Max confirmed that I should take a day off once in a while and he's right.  Often I'll overwhelm myself with work and over work till exhaustion but I rarely see the triggers that leads me there since I love my job so much. ....super dumb, I'm aware lol!

      So this morning, we had fun shooting random candids, in the backyard, to calm my workaholic mind (you guys are going to love them, I'm sure) and now I'm doing close to nothing (beside writing this blog, of course).  I hope you guys are having or had a great relaxing week end... I'm just passing by for a quick hello and to post this photo from this morning *^_^*

      The madness starts again tomorrow, till then I'm sending you big hugs <3

    • Palm Springs heat!
    • Helloooooo again lovers *^_^*

      I finally settled in to my new place for the next month and even tho the internet is quit buggy (seriously, I'm getting booted out every hour or so), Max and I are super happy to be visiting the gorgeous area of Palm Springs this summer.  The heat is CRAZY (42C during the day) but nothing we didn't expected and nothing we cant handle.  I placed my computer set up right under the AC and have it blast in my face to dry up the sweat on my forehead lol! ...this is the best Mexico preparation we could have hoped for and I'm already falling in love with the lay back attitude of the locals.  Los Angeles does have it's perks but there's something about this place that makes me feel like home.

      On another super positive note, there's quit a few national parks around the area that I'm eager to visit during my stay and a few museums that seem very interesting as well.  The photo above is from the first day in Joshua Tree and the sun was BLAZING!!! O_O ...a nice reminder that I need to wear a hat at all time here lol!

      I hope you guys are having a pleasant week end, the video vlogs will be back in force in the upcoming days if the internet is nice enough with me and there should be more features appearing in the member area through the week!

      I sending you guys a ton of kisses and hugs, looking forward to be back on geek mode and reconnect.

      Much love.

      PS: Do you guys enjoyed the tipsy faces that were published on the site today?  I cant stop giggling every time I look at those images lol!  - Click on the image below to access the gallery.

    • Sunday thoughts...
    • Hey lovely people :)

      It's Sunday and I hope you had a fun week end.  Since I'm taking a break from social media all together (you can see still enjoy a few samples of the latest updates on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook since they are pre-scheduled), all my thoughts are rushing in my mind and this blog is the only place where I feel like writing them.

      Today's my last day in SoCal and the next three days are going to be spent on the road (yay), till we arrive to our next location in the Californian desert, close to the beautiful national park of Joshua Tree.

      Apparently the weather is going to be extreme (40C about during the day) and I'm actually looking for it!

      Max and I are going to be taking this drastic weather as nice "training" for when we'll be moving to Mexico, in a few months, with Spunky.  Yup, you read that right!  Spunky will be back in my arms (soon enough, cant wait) and we'll bring him to his new home in Mexico.  A friend of us lives there and I've been wanting to make the jump for quit a while to have a good excuse to binge eat on authentic Mexican food and lay on the beach (topless of course) for hours.  Another positive point for Mexico is that we often shoot our best stuff while vacationing there so I'm also looking forward to see everything we'll be creating... you guys should be excited too.

      Beside packing, my life have been quit relaxing in the last few days and I've been finishing the design quit a few extra sections of the member area + edited a LOT of new content.  With every day that passes, the calendar of updates is filling up nicely and I'm hoping to be at least four months in advance in photo and video updates by the time I leave from my next location.

      July will be our last month in the USA and we'll be back in Canada by August/September, just in time to shoot the gorgeous change of colours for fall before leaving again to warmer land as nature will slowly fall asleep in Montreal. ...Poetic, isn't it? :P

      By the way, I hope you guys enjoyed the new movie that was published today?  It was SO FUN to stuff my panties inside of me while using the cute little white vibrator O_O ...I can still feel those orgasms as I'm writing this, this video was way too fun to shoot.

      Looking forward to reconnect with all of you, I realized that my last posts were quit a while ago but it's great to know you are all still here, enjoying my naughty updates.

      Huge hugs, talk very, very soon


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